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Digital Infrastructures & Migrations - Technological basis for new business models


Ten years ago it was the Globalization, today digital infrastructures are changing the value chain and structures of companies and the whole society.


But what does "digital infrastructures" mean for your own company? And when can one claim to be a "digital" company?

"Digital infrastructures" are technological architectures that enable companies to transform their analogue business processes into digital ones (and if possible in an automatic way).

And the digital transformation with its technological characteristics especially has effects on traditional companies. If these companies want to be successful in the future as well, they must face the challenges of this new market situation and, if necessary, adapt and develop their business model; alternatively, they need to think in completely new parameters. The digital transformation is not limited to specific industries - from publishing houses to banks or traditional industries such as mechanical engineering.

Compared to traditional competitors, the competition today looks different in the age of digital transformation. Companies such as Google, Amazon or Apple, as well as a large number of specialized and highly effective start-ups, such as Spotify, Airbnb or Netflix, have recognized the benefits of digital transformation at an early stage and developed innovative business models, with sometimes serious and disruptive effects on traditional providers.

Some sectors have already changed dramatically due to digitization, others are in the midst of it and many are still to come. Even digitized products and business models have to be constantly questioned as the development in the age of digitization will not stop. What is still innovative today may it not be tomorrow. After all, a product that has been digitized will enable completely new business models through virtually marginal costs of zero.

The digital transformation is no longer a vision of the future, we are part of it since years already, be it with streaming service providers (e.g. Netflix, Spotify), travel agencies (e.g. Airbnb), financial services (e.g. N26), mobility ( e.g. Uber, Carsharing) or even with „classic“ online shops (e.g. Amazon or Zalando).

How does AdEx Solutions help you with the topic of digital infrastructure?

Our service portfolio includes i.a. the following services:

  • Analysis of existing infrastructure in your company and design of suitable cloud scenarios
  • Test and implement multi-cloud strategies
  • Definition, evaluation, and execution of migration and operational concepts for the cloud
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