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Artificial Intelligence - Big data and automation free-up time for the essential tasks


Artificial Intelligence, in combination with big data and automation, describes the ability of machines and software solutions to accomplish tasks previously reserved for humans and their analytical intelligence. The goal of AI is not only to merely simulate human thinking and actions and to accomplish repetitive tasks but to recognize correlation and meaning based on machine and deep learning, to draw conclusions and, ideally, to learn from the past for the future.

Artificial intelligence in everyday life

Even today, initial stages of artificial intelligence can be found in many technologies of our everyday life. In health care, there is hope for faster diagnostics without the need for consultation hours. In nursing, routine tasks such as food or drug dispensation can be outsourced to give caregivers more time to take care of the personal needs of their patients.

In manufacturing, AI-based processes can optimize communication between machines across company boundaries, raising the importance of just-in-time delivery while minimizing production downtime, inventory volume, and inventory cost.

In Marketing & Sales, streaming services and online shops offer personalized recommendations and dynamic pricing on the Internet. Elsewhere, chatbots are increasingly used to answer recurring customer requests, by understanding email content through machine learning and automatically replying to address changes, cancellations or complaints based on individual phrases and context.


Looking into the crystal ball - Predictive Analytics

Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Science methodologies help to generate predictive models from business data and optimize them to increase profits and reduce costs. Areas of application already exist in the retail sector, where forecasts are drawn up, which products are sold when and how often and where they must be stored in order to ensure optimal supply.

In addition, predictive models can also be used in the area of churn reduction. Forecasts regarding which customers are likely to terminate agreements based on customer behaviour are created. These customer-churn models are used to target precisely the customers to be approached with follow-up actions to continue to bind them to the company.

Properly used and applied, AI today enables companies to optimize themselves in multiple dimensions, to streamline processes, to unburden employees and thus achieve maximum success.


How does AdEx Solutions support you with AI, big data and automation?

Our service portfolio includes the following services (non-exhaustive):

  • Revision of platform architectures and deployment for AI scenarios
  • Independent advice for platform selection
  • Design of performance-optimized architectures for big data
  • Simplification of service delivery models through automation
  • Rapid prototyping in an agile approach
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