AdEx Solutions is the technology branch of AdEx Partners and supports you in your shift towards a digital future. Regardless of whether you are interested in digital technology transformation, cloud transformation, collaboration platforms, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, or rapid prototyping, we will guide you towards overcoming every challenge with our vast experience and passion for current and emerging technologies.


We are a team of thought leaders, digital-natives, and techies who have already seen a lot but never get tired of realizing even more. We are creative, enthusiastic about technology, and think outside-the-box.


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Digital Workplace & Collaboration – when the workplace becomes a competitive advantage

Today, more than ever, new technologies and innovation as well as employees’ desire to self determine their professional and private hours, are presenting companies with unprecedented challenges in the way people work together and are shaking the foundations of established workplace models. 

Artificial Intelligence – How does big data free up time?

Artificial Intelligence, in combination with big data and automation, describes the ability of machines and software solutions to accomplish tasks previously reserved for humans and their analytical intelligence.

Cloud Transformation & Adoption – Performance when you need it

Faster growth, greater flexibility and shorter response times: Modern cloud solutions, in particular, are now regarded as the drivers within the digital transformation.

Digital Infrastructures & Migrations - Technological basis for new business models

Ten years ago it was the Globalization, today digital infrastructures are changing the value chain and structures of companies and the whole society.

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